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i5 Soft Silution is India’s fast evolving software enterprise specializing in software development.i5Solutions corporate head-office is in Hyderabad, India. The company particularly provides custom software development, mobile application development, digital marketing services.

IT Consulting

i5 Soft Solutions is a fast growing Tennessee-based Technology Company which offers competitive services in consulting, technology and outsourcing. Our mission is to provide value-added and differentiated solutions across diverse industries such as telecom, financial services, pharmaceuticals, government, consumer services and emerging businesses.

Overseas IT Careers

i5 Soft Solutions is a fast growing Tennessee-based Technology Company which offers competitive services in consulting, technology and outsourcing. Our mission is to provide value-added and differentiated solutions across diverse industries such as telecom, financial services, pharmaceuticals, government, consumer services and emerging businesses.


UK TIER 2 (GENERAL) : Work Permit Visa Sponsorship Providers.

i5 Soft Solutions is a professionally managed search firm in India, provides recruitment consultancy to our client companies and applicants of overseas market and a perfect platform to get their dream jobs. We provide Manpower Services, Recruitment Services in all types of I.T category like Java, Microsoft Dot Net, Sharepoint, SAP, Oracle, ERP, Testing & Management Skills with best workforce.

Our Focus is only on IT Services but not on Non- IT Services, but in future it will come into Existence.

Summary of Applicant Requirements

In order to qualify you must:

Have a job offer from a licensed UK employer and a valid Certificate of Employment from that employer.

Tier 2 General Visa Overview

To work in UK you need a UK Tier 2 general work visa. Tier 2 of the new Points Based System covers skilled workers with a job offer from a UK employer, and has now replaced the old work permit arrangements. The purpose of this Tier is to fill skills gaps from within the UK labour force.

The actual application for leave to enter or remain in the UK, as with the rest of the PBS, is made by the individual.

However, in order to score the required number of points under Tier 2, the applicant requires a Certificate of Sponsorship.

A Certificate of Sponsorship under this tier can only be issued by an employer that has obtained the appropriate sponsor’s license, and maintained a place on the national Sponsors’ Register. In common with the work permit arrangements, approval under this Tier is based upon, and is conditional on, the individual continuing in the relevant role with the relevant employer.

We are Specialist in Identifying a Right Sponsor for your Tier 2 General Work Permit Visa that Suits your IT Skill

We are UK Tier 2 General Work Permit Sponsor Partners of UK


To apply for a Tier 2 (General) visa, you must be a skilled worker from outside the European Economic Area and have a Certificate of Sponsorship from a UK employer who holds a valid Tier 2 sponsorship licence. There is an annual cap on the number of Tier 2 (General) visas that can be granted. The cap currently stands at 20,700. People earning over £150,000 per year are excluded from the cap.


Its vey Simple ....

Please drop an Email with your Updated CV highlighting your area of Interest in UK at


Software Development

i5 Soft Solutions core competency is in designing and developing applications based on the Global Delivery model. We have developed various applications for industries such as Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Service Industries, ISV’s, Transportation, Logistics and Healthcare services.


Project initiation is based on Business requirements. In any project prospective, Functional consultants initially organize workshops with Business to understand business requirements. Once the requirements are clear the Functional consultants then discuss the same with solution architects to perform the feasibility analysis. Project kick off will happen only if business requirements are feasible enough and they add value to their existing business.


A Project is initiated with change or new requirements in clients product portfolio. Product owners will decide what needs to be changed and that will be passed to marketing team. The marketing team will follow up with Literature team to decide the content and that passes on to Draft team which creates initial draft of a documents. These are passed on o the development team and discussed about the changes with a designer. This when approved comes to the developer for stating the design and development work.


After project kick off, project manager will prepare time & cost estimates for the project. If business agrees to estimates provided then the detailed project plan will be prepared with specific time lines. Detailed project plan should have below details. All documents mentioned below need to be signed off / reviewed by Business


Weekly meetings are held to discuss the progress of various projects in the team and if any issue is halting the progress, action item is opened on it. A developer interacts with all the parties who seeks an outcome form him. He keeps a record of what is required when and ensures the requirements are met. Weekly time cards and project progress reports are published. One needs to know that a healthy project belongs in Green zone. Amber is delay and Red is critical issue. These report acts as a dashboard for the Project Manager to act and resolve any issues in the project.


When a project is developed, and leaves the build state, it enters various testing regions. A developer has to support the testing period by fixing any errors or issues identified by testers. Once the testing phase is completed and all the sign off form the test managers have been received, a test completion report is published and with that the over all health of the build is judged and if approved the project is certified for deployment. Once the project is deployed into production, the warranty phase starts which is pre-decided when the project was initially discussed. With the end of the warranty, the project leaves the charts and becomes a live application.

Web Designing

The art of graphic design will take your business to another level in reputation and sales. Our talented graphic design team can help with both web and print layout designs. Our web design and logo team has created award winning layouts that stand the test of time.

SEO Services

SEO Services is made up a team of core specialists in web design, web development and internet marketing technologies supported by researchers and analysts to provide comprehensive, high grade services to national and international enterprises at a customized, professional level. Our focus is on helping each client attain his business objective by partnering with them

Digital Marketing

We offer synergistic online products, social media marketing and dynamic SEO strategies delivering on time

IT Consulting

Contract Staffing

Our temporary staffing services empower companies to quickly respond to technology initiatives by strategically hiring IT professionals on a requirement basis. Our large, pan global pool of human resource assets help companies to quickly augment their team while saving on prohibitive costs of HR overheads and lengthy recruitment and assessment process. We work to complement your in house technology skill sets and improve your organizational capability to meet your business goals.

Permanent Staffing

Most companies realize that the long term success of their business is dependent on the team of permanent staff they employ. They are the ones who work diligently and continually to bring to fruition the long term vision of the company. As a leading provider of IT staffing solutions, i5 Soft Solutions offers full life cycle permanent staffing services that will enable companies to rapidly move towards achievement of their long term goals. We do this by providing a 24X7 access to a pool of highly talented and experienced software professionals who can meet the strategic and long term goals of the organization.


Most of the IT projects demand the deployment of their key developers @ the client location @ onsite for a shorter duration and then followed by their deployment @ the offshore facility from where the support activities are carried out. This enables companies to economize on their IT spend without compromising on the quality of output. I5 Soft Solutions offers you this facility via its Onsite/Offshore Model. We can deploy the IT resource at your client site for a temporary period in any of our above locations with the provisions that the same resource relocates to your offshore location at the end of this period. Our onsite placement is economical and can save you up to 30% as compared to the costs of placing a similar resource locally. With the ability to relocate this same resource to your offshore location, you get ongoing savings in your IT spend without sacrificing on efficacy and output.

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